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Selected Works //

Imaginary Video Landscape n.5
a video by Robert Cahen and Matias Guerra originated from an interpretation of John Cage's "Imaginary Landscape n.5" // 2017
Nekrotzar - inseguendo l'arcobaleno
works resulting from a study on the works of Stanley Kubrick, as a starting point // 2016

Works //

A.S. Velasca ticket
Velasca paper ticket and false copy, ink and stamp on paper // 2018
Berlin - Nekrotzar
Acrylic and coffee on paper (and Nekrotzar video installation) // 2018
Para Max Berrù
Short video homage to Inti-Illimani founder Max Berrù // 2018
Moby Dick suite
Compositions for electronics and electric guitar and sound installations // 2016
Prints, paint, video and music having as starting point Stanley Kubrick // 2016
works resulting from a collection of intersecting fields of interest // 2015
To3 Topor
eight prints for Roland Topor // 2014
indian ink and digital processing prints for Ed. La Camera Verde // 2013
Homage Brakhage
10 prints for Stan Brakhage // 2013
O2 (Oxygen)
A 2 minute video divertissement with Gians. // 2012
We Are Verbs
32 digital collage prints. In "Cartelle d'Artista" Ed. La Camera Verde // 2013
45' video by Matias Guerra. Music by M.Guerra, S.Petracca, F.Rizzo // 2012
Homage Hellman
8 watered prints of digitally processed stills from "The Shooting" // 2012
video-frame object with looped video and 3 prints from stills // 2011
Here and Now, Lybia
21 digitally processed photos and watered ink-jet prints // 2011
Un Uomo Sotto Al Sole
Prints of digitally processed photos and collaged stencils, homage to Vittorio Arrigoni // 2011
Cast Lead act II
64 digitally processed images on paper (hand sketches and digital) forming an artist's book // 2011
Short film, video DV 14', montage of internet clips and own footage, with Me and Ana Tomas // 2011
Sound performance project, guitar and electronics duo with Michele Zaffarano // 2010-11
Cast Lead - Piombo Fuso
7 paintings mixed media on canvas and edition La Camera Verde// 2009

Works older than 2010 //

Cast Lead
7 paintings mixed media on canvas and a short text to form a book. Introduction by G.A. Semerano // 2009
Painting and video in different instantiations of a complex project by Giuliano Mesa and Agostino Di Scipio // 2001-08
Fold-Up Universes
Mixed media on semi-transparent paper (folded A4 transparent paper, permanent pen, sigarette ash, cotton thread) // 2007
BBZ / Möbius
Installation, wood & mixed media part of a larger project "BBZ - Individual Path" with architect Andrea Lorito // 2006
Audio-video installation and videos for “ITT – Intorno ai testi di Testa” interactive and multimedia theatrical piece by Geppino Monti // 2006
Surface Impact Studies (coming soon)
Performance: live Painting and video for a piece by Agostino Di Scipio // 2005
Dove hai lasciato la tua barca (coming soon)
Video installation for a theatre piece by Michele Perriera, directed by Geppino Monti with Cadigia Bove // 2004
Retrospective work on Tachisme and Arte Povera (coming soon)
Paintings mixed media on wood // 2000-03
Other Projects //

Perpetuum Mobile - How many Tuna Fish did you capture today? (coming soon)
From an axiom relating to borders and energy an interactive video and light installation // 2006
Google dies - People Die
Rhetorical or fundamental questions done to the google web search engine
FUU (Fold-Up Universes) Sculptures (coming soon)
Interactive electronic objects - air, water, earth, fire