Cast Lead

Act II

Cast Lead Act II (Piombo Fuso Atto II) is a double book (book * of 39 pages and book ** of 37 pages) with a series of mixed media graphics/drawings on brown paper, in fact the pages of an art-book that I did between the end of 2010 and the begining of 2011.
The work conceptually follows the first series of the Cast Lead paintings but evolving visually like a "journal", as per my short note Timeline from 2009. Each book has an ending quote from Mikhail Bakunin, in italian translation.
I have to largely thank my editor, Giovanni Andrea Semerano, for convincing me to print the entire sequence without interrupting it's flux which, to my view, is all but coherent or complete yet, but nevertheless an inseparable unity (at least according to him).

The art-book itself is a unique copy, mixed media and print on brown paper (12cm x 16cm). You can contact La Camera Verde for details.