Video for installation

This is the video which was part of an interactive video installation in Segesta's greek theatre, before the ITT main show.
The video would be shown as spectators came in and settled down, they'd be filmed with a couple of small cameras whilst entering, the video would be more or less a short portrait of each person or groups of people, the video stream would be slightly processed and delayed to become a very slow and short movement.
The live portraits would be then shown within the video in projection, that has other pre-filmed (or photos) shots of people and contexts.

Funny story: during rehearsals, which weren't possible in Segesta itself, the installation worked fine, I used ISADORA to process the video (mainly filters and minimal jitter) and to delay the playback, so to give the spectator the chance to see him or herself on the screen, nevertheless nobody had told me that "wind" was a crucial factor in Segesta, the show started when the sun was going down and at that time the wind started to blow really fast, to the point that both cameras just blew away and disconnected, also sound became an issue as it was only wind!
I also shot all the videos for the theatrical piece, all the scenes with the actors which had similar color correction to that of the video stream. On show there were 2 or 3 screens shown at once (projections to the floor), with the actors present and acting on the stage (a lot of video mixing needed!).

“ITT – Intorno ai testi di Testa”, is an interactive multimedia theatre piece by Geppino Monti and based on the works of his friend Gaetano Testa, it saw the partecipation of "Gruppo Klés" from Palermo, and was premiered at the Teatro Antico of Segesta and also in Napoles for the "Notte dei Ricercatori Europei" on 2006. [ link ]