Mario Monicelli - Il Coccodrillo

Mario Monicelli - The Crocodile
by Giovanni Andrea Semerano and Matias Guerra

When someone like Mario Monicelli leave's us you must transform that event in an act, an act not to preserve his memory but to keep the fire burning, set even more fires and see if we can burn this whole shit down and start again!

The piece written by Gians is amazing, touching, angry, lucid and a great portrait of the italian cinema but mainly respectful and done with love. He chose the title "Mario Monicelli the crocodile" because that's the technical journalistic word for the mortuary pieces that in newspapers are usually already partially prepared for famous people. The day of and after Mario's death media went crazy, like scavengers feeding out of his great story and telling anything but the truth which was for Mario a great deal!