studio guerra


Martedì 27 marzo ore 20:30

Jon Helibron
- melodicas, oggetti, field recordings
Brett Thompson - chitarra

doubleFRAU performances focus on the act of listening, with a constant awareness of the immediate context, be they outdoor environments, sub/urban settings or more traditional concert venues.

Jon Heilbron is a Berlin-based Australian musician. He is active in the worlds of contemporary and experimental music, and plays as a guest with groups like Klangforum Wien (Vienna) and Kammerensemble Neue Musik (Berlin). He is the founder of The Phonetic Orchestra, and a member of the groups DRUM, Arches and doubleFRAU.

Brett Thompson is a Guitarist hailing from Perth currently living in Berlin. He has written music for The Australian Art Orchestra and is a member of The Phonetic Orchestra, with whom he has performed in Australia, Norway and Portugal.