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  • 07 april: Frequenzgänge #69 Improvised music in Hamburg - Elena Kakaliagou – french horn, Matias Guerra – el. guitar - Frequenzgänge website

Performing with 


Henrik Yeller - guitar, kalimbas, small synths
Matias Guerra - guitar
Francesco Zedde - electronics
video: Yeller, Guerra, Zedde - Noize Liz Trio - Tenenbaum, Liz, Baltacilar, Zedde, Mofjell


Szafirowski / Nergaard / Guerra / Solberg
Matias Guerra - Guitar
Mikail Szafirowski - Guitar
Magnus Nergaard - D. Bass
Ståle Liavik Solberg - Drums
video: MultiNO!! Szafirowski / Nergaard / Guerra / Solberg video: on my vimeo


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