M. Guerra and Michele Zaffarano

With Michele Zaffarano, a poet and great guitar improviser, we formed the duo Bakshi.
I am not a musician, so my journey is basically in discovery of sound with the pros and cons of not having an academic musical education, and possibly where the ways of the journey are more important than the final result. Not sure Michele would subscribe such a statement, but there you go.
We played:
- Electric & acoustic guitars
- Various percussive objects
- Pure Data for real time signal processing and sound generation

Some common influences when we started this project were the music of people such as Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Albert Ayler, AMM, Oren Ambarchi, and in general electro-acoustic.
During the nearly two years of experience together we managed to do a couple of CD-ROMs to use as demos and played a few live sets.

The World is Flat, The World is Round
demo CD
intro text Gians

cut the film and played live over projection

Due suoni tra due pietre
Visual Score and live performance
Extract of score here

Requiem project
live improv with electric guitar, puredata, voice

mixed live material

recorded live

Here my sounds alone... (PD generative and filters)